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SapphFic News, Edale Lane, 8 Sapphic Books on Sale, Caturday, and More!

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If you haven’t purchased a Valentine’s gift yet, you better get to it because the big day is almost here! We recommend giving a book, and we can even help you find the perfect one!

Saturdays are when we round up all the sapphic book news from the previous week into one convenient location. Think of it as your personal lesfic directory! After all, we know the weekend is when so many of us are able to unwind for a minute and want to get lost in a good book. What could be better?

It’s supposed to be clear today, so TB is heading out for a drive, and she plans to listen to Mistakes Were Made. Miranda is helping her parents move their living room furniture back into place after their floors were refinished this past week. If she can’t move her arms next week, this will be why.

If you don’t know which women-loving-women book to dig into this weekend, check out the BookFinder. There are over 2,800 books in the database, so odds are we have something you haven’t read yet. Or just amuse yourself by entering wacky combinations to see if anyone has written the book.

Last week we held a competition where readers had to find the one book in the database that was a Magical Realism book with Time Travel. Lynn won the giveaway and got to choose a book by TB & Miranda.

Without further ado, let’s get to all the sapphic book news from this past week!

I Heart SapphFic Week in Review

Here are the links for this week’s posts:

All About the Books

Join authors as they showcase their new release in a fun and engaging way. Click on each image for a behind the scenes peek!

All About The Summer We've Had by Katherine Blakeman

All About Courtship by Anna PulleyAll About The Blight of Blackridge by R.P. Dunwater







Caturday photo of cute kitten

Meet the very chill Rory. Submitted by Dolora, a reader.

Sapphfic Community Bulletin Board Header

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Blind Day with a Sapphic Book Round 2 Graphic

Vote for the Book of Year Graphic

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Great SapphFic Bargains

Please note, sale prices may change without notice, so please check the price before clicking a buy button. International prices may vary.

Selfie of Edale Lane with Sigrid & Elyn Book

Have you read Sigrid and Elyn yet? Get it here!

Where the heck was TB?

TB loves exploring places near and far, so we’ve created a weekly game where TB goes on an adventure, snaps some photos, and then lets you guess her location.

To answer last week’s mystery, 70% of you were right. I attempted to hike the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. Also, 15% of you guessed I nearly drowned on the flooded Dike Path. I’m happy to hear you don’t think I’d drown on the Dike Path–wait, does that mean… never mind.

Now for this week’s guessing game.

Miranda and TB had a day trip planned last weekend, but then Grey, TB’s cat was quite ill, meaning they had to cancel. So they dug into their photos of a road trip they took last summer, stopping at the house of a famous author.

Here are some facts about the author and his home.

1. The home is in Bangor, Maine.

2. The author is an American who’s written books in many genres, including supernatural fiction, suspense, crime, science-fiction, fantasy, and horror.

3. In 1974, he published the horror novel: Carrie.

4. His memoir On Writing is practically required reading for all authors.

5. His books have sold more than 350 million copies worldwide.

Now for some of TB’s photos.

Time to vote which author lives in this house.

Polls are open until Feb 16 and the answer will be revealed on Saturday, Feb 18.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

What Author Lives Here?

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend!

Miranda & TB

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