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SapphFic News, Kim Pritekel, 8 Sapphic Books on Sale, Caturday, and More!

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We’re three weeks into the new year and 2023 is in full swing here at IHS! We’ve made a lot of changes and added so much regular content lately. If your head is spinning from all of it, you’re in the right place to help sort it all out!

We’ve heard from so many readers who are loving all the ways to connect with new sapphic books and authors this year. With new book recommendations every day, 100 reading challenge categories, books on sale, new releases, social media contests, e-book giveaways, and so much more every week, there’s always something exciting going on for sapphic book lovers. But we know that sometimes when life gets busy, it can feel hard to keep caught up. That’s what SapphFic Mischief is all about!

Did you miss a favorite post and you don’t know where to find it? Or maybe you heard about a book club but you don’t recall the details. Saturdays are when we round everything up in one convenient location. After all, we know the weekend is when so many of us are able to unwind for a minute and want to get lost in a good book.

In fact, it’s a snowy weekend at IHS Headquarters, perfect for binge reading under warm blankets with a hot chocolate while all that white fluff falls from the sky. Not a bad kind of weekend to enjoy every so often.

If you have a few lazy days ahead of you and you’re looking for some good reading recommendations, you’re in the right place. Without further ado, let’s get to all the sapphic news from this past week!

I Heart SapphFic Week in Review

Here are the links for this week’s posts:

All About the Books

Join authors as they showcase their new release in a fun and engaging way. Click on each image for a behind the scenes peek!

All About the Books Graphic

All About the Revenge PlotAll About The Veracity of Lies

All About UpheavalAll About Lines of Love by Brey Willows

All About Chasing Life by Abigail Taylor

Black caturday photo

Angel is my little furry man, my heart. He’s been in my life for 18 1/2 years. Submitted by H.W., a reader.

Sapphfic Community Bulletin Board Header

Please click on the images for the details for each announcement.

Bella Books Watch January-Author-Event-Youtube graphic

Sapphic Book Bingo #2 Bodyguard or Security Graphic

Bold Strokes Books January 21 to 22 Bookathon Must Register Graphic

Hearts in Motion Feb 4 Book Club Meeting

GCLS Virtual Series Book Review Chat Graphic

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Great SapphFic Bargains

Please note, sale prices may change without notice, so please check the price before clicking a buy button. International prices may vary.

Kim Pritekel photo with Swann Song

Have you read Swann Song yet? Get it here!

Where the heck was TB?

TB loves exploring places near and far, so we’ve created a weekly game where TB goes on an adventure, snaps some photos, and then lets you guess her location.

To answer last week’s mystery, 49% of you were right. Miranda and I strolled through Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord, Massachusetts. Also, 27% of you guessed I got lost, broke into tears, and said, “I’d never make it out of the cemetery alive.” I love that so many of you get me.

Now for this week’s guessing game.

This hasn’t been a great week for either of us. Miranda is battling a head cold, there’s been bad weather, and my neighbors have been keeping me up late by playing Ace of Base. Seriously, who is still rocking to Ace of Base at two in the morning?

Since I didn’t go on an adventure, I’m reaching back into my photos. This is a place Miranda and I visited last summer, and we brought the books in the IHS Pride Collection.

Here are some facts about this home.

1. This Gilded Age home is located in Lenox, Massachusetts.

2. Edith Wharton, the author, designed the house and the grounds, calling it her “first real home.”

3. The Whartons lived there from 1902 to 1911. After that, the building was used as a private residence, living quarters for the Foxhollow School for Girls, and the Shakespeare & Company theatre company, before Edith Wharton Restoration bought and restored the residence.

4. It’s a major tourist attraction, bringing in 50,000 visitors each year.

5. The home was on Ghost Hunters and they reported evidence, visual and audio, of voices and footsteps. During the summer, you can take a ghost tour at the home.

Now for some of TB’s photos.


Time to vote on which Gilded Age home we visited.

Polls are open until January 26 and the answer will be revealed on Saturday, January 28.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Where in the Heck is TB?

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend!

Miranda & TB

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