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Celebrate this week's new sapphic books!
It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time to reveal this week’s new sapphic books!

There’s a great mix of new lesfic books in so many sub-genres this week, ranging from new lesbian romance, wlw fantasy fiction, and thrillers!

What a fantastic buffet for women loving women readers! There are some amazing lesfic audiobooks, too, for all you audiophiles. You don’t want to miss out on all these wonderful lesbian fiction books coming your way!

Introducing a new subgenre for sapphic fiction!

This week, TB & Miranda are releasing the first book in their sapphic paranormal women’s fiction series. It’s exciting to release a new book, though TB, (the nervous one of the duo), would like to point out it’s also terrifying. Especially with something untested, there’s always the fear of what will readers think. However, we had such a fantastic time writing this book and we’re dang proud of it.

The paranormal women’s fiction (PWF) genre got its start in 2020, when 13 female authors of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and cozy mystery, banded together to write books featuring middle-aged female main characters who are facing real life problems and celebrating strong female friendships within a magical world. As far as we can tell, our series is one of the very first in this genre to feature a sapphic main character and love interest! (Authors, if you have or are working on a book or series that fits this definition, let us know!)

Recently, NPR had an article about how women are now dominating the book business, which we think is fantastic. For far too long, women haven’t had a seat at the table in publishing, and older women especially were not allowed to be main characters, let alone ones that can kick some ass! We couldn’t resist the chance to make sapphic women a part of that movement.

For more about our journey into paranormal women’s fiction, read Miranda’s post: What the Heck is Paranormal Women’s Fiction.

We made an oopsie!

Also, on Saturday, TB forgot to share an announcement from the Sapphic World Book Club. She’s truly sorry and here are the deets:

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Happy reading and listening!

Miranda & TB

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