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IHS 99c Anti Valentines Sale

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Welcome to the I Heart SapphFic’s Anti-Valentine’s 99c Sale Page!

The Sale Has Ended

There are over 150 books on sale for 99c! Have a favorite sapphic author and you want to own all of their books? Or is there a new author you’ve been wanting to read? This is a great way to stock up your eReader with some fantastic sapphic books!

Below, you’ll find all the anti-Valentines books.

Here’s a button that’ll take you to the 99c sale page that includes the romance books:

More Sale Books Here Button

Before we get to all the wonderful authors and their books, we should get the basics out of the way.

First, this sale runs February 13 through February 15.

Second, before you click any buy buttons, please ensure the sale price is indeed $0.99. (Some international prices may vary.)

Third, to purchase a book, simply click on the Amazon buy button. This is a universal link and will take you to your Amazon store.

Four, why do some books have a 99c price, but others don’t? This is because some of the books are involved in the reading challenge this week, so they have to display the price. Adding the sale price to all the books on these pages would have been time consuming and unnecessary since they are all the same price. Before launching the sale, we checked all the prices and all of them were priced at 99c when the sale started. Again, some international prices will vary.

Five, authors selected which page (Valentines / Anti-Valentines) they wanted to be on for this sale.

Now here are all the awesome books:

The Sale Has Ended

Don’t forget the other sale page:

More Sale Books Here Button

Happy reading!

TB & Miranda

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