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Christmas in July

Free Books
Welcome to I Heart SapphFic’s Christmas in July Free eBook Event!


We have over 50 free books for you today. Yes, FREE!

But first, we have a brief announcement.

Want to support I Heart SapphFic?

The links on the books below are not our typical Amazon Associates links. This has to do with restrictions in the Amazon affiliate program regarding free products.

We know many of you click on one of our links before you make a larger purchase at Amazon so that we’ll get credit for the sale. We’re truly thankful! We ask that if you do have a large purchase to make today, please click on this affiliate link. (You don’t have to purchase this book. Simply by clicking on an affiliate link before your purchase, IHS will get credit for the referral).

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Now for Christmas in July!

We are truly grateful to each and every author who have joined forces to put so many fantastic free ebooks onto your readers. We couldn’t run these events without the support of authors and we’re truly blessed to have such a wonderful community.

Here are some basics you need to know:

First, these books are FREE on Amazon July 24-July 26.

Second, before you click any buy buttons, please ensure the sale price is FREE. (Amazon can do weird things in international markets.)

Third, to purchase a book, simply click on the Amazon buy button. This is a universal link and will take you to your global Amazon store.


And finally, here are all the awesome books!

We hope you enjoy this Christmas in July celebration and we wish you many hours of reading joy. Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter and share this sale page with your friends on social media so they can celebrate too!

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